Developing the Domestic Model of Customers' Expectations of the Quality of Services of Iran's Commercial Banks

To cope with the changing environment, Iran's banking system should recognize the needs and expectations of the customers. The main target of this research is to recognize which dimensions of service quality are more important for Iranian customers and the extent to which customers' expectations of quality of services are met. In this regard, numerous studies were considered to develop the conceptual model of this research. Then, this model was modified based on the recommendations of some banking experts and university lecturers. The Statistical population of this research includes customers in ten different commercial banks in ten different provinces of the country. This population was classified based on the provinces and banks and then customers were taken from each class randomly. Finally, 555 questionnaires were collected. To analyze the data, ANOVA and Structural Equation Modeling techniques were conducted by SPSS and LISREL soft ware. Findings indicate a positive relationship between dimensions of service quality and customers' perception of the quality
Customer Expectations; Perception of the Quality; Service Quality

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