The Effect of Know about Business Model on Learners’ Entrepreneurial Orientation

The “Know about Business (KAB) model”, is one of the valid models for teaching entrepreneurship in fields of skill-based education which has been prepared and developed by the international Labor Organization (ILO). The present research aims to investigate the effectiveness of educating entrepreneurship model in three areas of the learners’ personal attitude, life styles and the behavioral patterns. The research conducted through the mixed methodologies using interview in the qualitative section and quasi experimental in the quantitative section with pretests and posttests. The participants of the study were 35 apprentices of the entrepreneurship courses in one of the Institute of Directorate of Technical Education and Vocational Alborz Province who were evaluated before and after the course. In data collection, Questionnaires’ both face and content validity and reliability were confirmed by specialists through Chronbach's Alpha as (0.74), respectively. Data analysis was done by SPSS and to investigate the research hypotheses, tests of Wilcoxon, Levine, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, and t-test were applied. Results indicated that teaching “knowing about business” (KAB) entrepreneurship did have a significance effect on the learners’ behavioral patterns and living styles, but in case of the personal life was ineffective
Knowing about Business; Entrepreneurship; Behavioral Pattern; Life Style; Effectiveness.

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