Consumer Behavior in Relation to the Decision to Buy Green Products: an Investigation on Iranian Consumers

This article investigates the Iranian consumer behavior about green products. Their environmental beliefs and their decision making process in purchasing green/eco-friendly products. In this paper it has been attempted to collect data by using a questionnaire including 34 questions. The respondents were 272 civilians who lived in Tehran and at least had diplomas. In our research we used data correlation analysis, and for supplemental analysis t-student analysis and one-way ANOVA were used. Results show that a positive correlation exists between environmental opinions and green purchasing behavior, between previous experiences of consumers and perceived quality of green goods, as well as, between perceived quality of green products and green purchasing behavior. But there is no significant correlation between verbal advertising and perceived quality of green products. Thus, the conclusion is that (according to a positive opinion about environment among Iranian consumers and its positive correlation with green purchasing behavior) if they can ensure the quality of green products, they will decide to buy these products. studying of the Iranian consumers’ behavior toward green products would be useful to politicians and companies who are willing to participate in green products industry, to place effective policies and strategies to protect the environment, and also persuade investors to bring more financial support. Moreover, the result will provide more evidence about the differences between consumers behavior in different countries around the eco-friendly products.

Consumer behavior; Word of mouth (WOM); Perceived quality; Green purchasing behavior; Green products.

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