Investigating Factors Influencing Impulsive Buying: Consumer and Nondurable Goods Case

Impulsive buying is one of the ways of buying in which there is a short time interval between viewing the goods and deciding to buy them. Nowadays, the investigating of the process of impulsive buying, as one of the methods of increasing sales rate, is prevalent in many retail and production units. This research aims at investigating impulsive buying constituents and also factors increasing impulsive buying rate with regard to consumption and nondurable goods. This research is carried out using an applied approach in which a questionnaire-based survey is carried out, with the consumers of consumption and nondurable goods regarded as its source of data and information. A total of 384 usable questionnaires were collected and analyzed utilizing correlation and regression analysis to establish the relationships in the model. The results provide a more comprehensive perspective of impulsive buying. Also, the results show that discount shopping, store’s layout and decoration, having credit cards, as well as, income levels influence customers’ impulsive buying, respectively.

Impulsive buying; Nondurable goods; Store’s layout and decoration; Discount shoppin

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