Requirements and barriers for making an e-Health strategic management and economical model

This dissertation aims to illustrate main requirements and barriers for making an e-Health model. We emphasized on a basic World Health Organisation‟s (WHO) definition and selected experiential strategic planning under discussion as a well-suit pattern for the e-Health care system. The resource based strategy was considered to present a holistic framework for an e-Health strategic planning. Further, an economical sub-model was essential to cover finances such as Return on Investment (ROI) and Technical Issues. While, there are many information management advantages, we have noted some problematic issues to highlight e-Health barriers. Since, we faced three main factors such as human, ICT and investment resource in e-Health care system, therefore, we selected two research methods. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to present social and natural science too. To do this, twice we conducted interviews with 75 e-Health experts. Finally, the holistic and conceptual model and financial sub-model were designed.
Road map of strategies; e-Health strategic planning; core philosophical perspectives; ROI strategy.

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