Relationship between macroeconomic environment and technological readiness: A secondary analysis of countries global competitiveness

The concept of competitiveness has attracted abundant attentions of both scholars
and governors during the past decade. During this period, the world economic forum has published its annual reports which encompass Global Competitiveness Index
(GCI) in order to measure national competitiveness in different countries. This paper aims at investigating the interaction between the two sets of “Technological readiness” and “Macroeconomic environment” as the two basic pillars of national competitiveness in order to provide information for improving national
competitiveness in countries which are transiting from stage I to stage II of deveopment. In our study, we used descriptive-correlation methodology. The statistical population was 139 countries whose GCI data were included in GCI 2010 report. Also, we employed Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) to investigate
interaction between two sets of “Technological readiness” and “Macroeconomic environment”. Our findings show that there is a significant and positive relationship between the set of “Technological readiness” and that of “Macroeconomic environment”.
Global Competitiveness; Technological readiness; Macroeconomic environment; Canonical Correlation Analysis

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