Scheduling integrated flexible job-shop problem with preventive maintenance to minimize makespan and system unavailability

Integrating flexible job-shop scheduling problem (FJSP) with
preventive maintenance (PM) is pondered in this paper. Minimizing the
makespan for scheduling part and minimizing the system unavailability
for maintenance part are simultaneously under consideration. For doing
it, the assignment of n jobs on m machines in production side and
executing the PM actions at appropriate time intervals in maintenance
part are carried out at the same time. Also, for carrying out the
maintenance side, reliability model is employed. Moreover, number of
maintenance actions and maintenance intervals are not fixed in
advanced. In order to ensure of obtained results, two multi-objective
evolutionary algorithms (NSGA-II and NRGA) are compared. Besides,
these genetic algorithms were hybridized with both well-known
composite dispatching rule (CDR) and active scheduling and then
compared as a two new evolutionary algorithms named CDRNSGA-II
and CDRNRGA. Furthermore, the algorithms are compared with more
than 4800 test instances.
Scheduling, Flexible job shop, Preventive maintenance, Genetic algorithm, Reliability, Multi-objective optimization

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