Designing a profound learning model to capture tacit knowledge

The main objective of this paper is identification and categorization
elements and areas of forming and outbreak individual’s tacit knowledge
and finding approaches for capturing individual’s knowledge. This is a
research article providing an insight about tools that can be used for
create and capturing tacit knowledge. To confirm the validity of model a
questionnaire was designed, applied and then analyzed by some statistical
methods. The paper provides a model that can be applied to Iranian
organizations practically. Validity of this model is confirmed by polling
the opinion of knowledge staff, data analyzing and statistical test. The
paper may be beneficial for training and creating knowledge and
organizational learning. The paper may be of high value to researchers in
the knowledge management field and to practitioners involved with KM
adoption in the organizations. It gives practical advises for creating and
capturing tacit knowledge.
Intelligence`s kinds, Organizational knowledge, Achievement approaches, Learning by intelligences, Nurturing skills of knowledge`s creating and transmission.

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